Stone Art 250 g

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Stone Art has a unique fiber-composition and is especially designed for Powertex. It provides a natural stone effect, most of all in combination with Powertex Lead and Terracotta. Mixed with liquid Powertex, Stone Art provides a self-hardening clay. It allows you to sculpt little figurines or jewellery. Stone Art allows you to make fine or coarse textures to surfaces like a sculpture or painting.

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Stone Art is a kind of papier-mâché with a very specific composition. Combined with Powertex you obtain a self-hardening clay, to create coarse and fine structures and stone effects.

You can use stone art in 3 ways: 1a. Fine structure: Apply a layer Powertex on an object or canvas, pour on top Stone Art, press the powder into the wet Powertex and push further into Powertex with circular movements. If you work with Powertex lead, you get a perfect blue stone imitation. You can also add pigments. 1b. Excessive structures: Repeat the above described operation, as often as necessary, until the desired structure has been achieved. Coat the surface again with Powertex and push pieces of clay as described above stuck in there. Also use the rubbed waste of stone art again. Lubricate all a few times with powder until completely dry hand and the desired effect is achieved. Powertex can also like some polishing. Keep the flat bare hands by rubbing the powder disappears and the whole shine. A high gloss you get dipping by Powertex back a little on your finger and make this clay on the highest parts. Repeat polishing and keep repeating this until the desired gloss is achieved. The more you do this, the darker the polished pieces gets. Please note that if you make the objects outside, the powder will not stay. Try adding white PowerColor to Stone Art to preserve the white effects. Use two layers of Easy Varnish, let it dry for 2-3 weeks. 2. Clay to sculpture with: Mix the same amount Powertex Powertex and Stone Art, mix by hand and keep adding powder until you get a kind of bread dough, which automatically comes off your hands. It should not stick and you need the smooth can knead. This clay can go model, structures applying in a still wet Powertex surface. 3. Clay Crackling with pigments: Make clay as described above. Press the ball of clay you have made with Stone Art and Powertex, flat to 2 cm thick. Sprinkle with different color pigments, rub them open and do this on both sides. Take a bottle or a rolling

pin and roll out to a half inch or thinner. In the open roll, you’ll see the crackle. Role always from the inside out with a uniform pressure. Decorate your object with this clay. Glue the flaps firmly by smearing on the back Powertex.


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