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Powertex fabric hardener and textile hardener is an environmentally friendly water-based liquid sculpting medium. Powertex can replace polyester for fabric hardening and textile hardening. Powertex can harden absorbent materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, fabrics, leather and fiberglass. Powertex can be easily combined with self-hardening clays, concrete, stone, ceramic, wood, sand and Stone Art. Powertex is used for making sculptures, paintings, decorative objects and jewelry. Powertex Transparent is a white liquid that dries to a mat finish showing the original patterns and colors from the hardened fabrics. You can create any Powertex colour by adding Powercolor to Powertex Transparent. Dissolve the pigment in a little warm water and stir in the Powertex. Once dry your artwork can be decorated with oil paints, acryli cs, latex or Powercolor mixed with Easy Varnish. This combination makes the paint instantly waterproof. Powertex air dries but warm air from a blow dryer or radiator accelerates the drying time. Powertex lead, bronze, terracotta, ivory, black and green are pre-coloured and already water proof.

How to use Powertex?

Powertex textile hardener and fabric hardener is ready to be used straight from the container. Always shake the bottle well before use to ensure thorough mixing. Any residue left at the bottom of the bottled can be loosened by adding a little bit of boiling water; shake well. On cold days, put the bottle in a warm area (like on the radiator) to make it more fluid. Cut old T-shirts, blankets, baby clothes or other absorbent materials into strips or pieces (100% natural fibers work best). Dip those into Powertex, ensure the material is completely covered, wring well and drape or wrap around a figure, bottle, box or armature. Tools and hands can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Protect your clothing as, once dry Powertex will not come out of fabric. All Powertex colours are water resistant, except for the transparent. Use Powertex Easy Varnish to make the Transparent Powertex waterproof and to protect the pigments you used. The wax in this water-based, non-toxic Varnish makes your artwork water- and weather proof. Powertex colours can be combined to create any colour you need for your fabric sculpting or paintings. Allow your work to dry for three weeks before putting it outside. Powertex is absolutely safe for humans and animals and meets the highest European and American safety standards. Powertex has undergone extensive testing and has been awarded the AP Seal. Important: Powertex is not frost free while liquid. Don’t store or transport below 0°C! Minimum working temperature for Powertex is 10°C. After Powertex is cured, the temperature does not affect a finished product anymore.


Powertex and REACh?

We believe that legislation and laws like REACh are made to protect people and the environment. Therefore, we do everything we support this legislation. In its 15 years of history, Powertex always has and always will take its responsibility and work according the strictest of international standards. We make no exception for REACh and are as ready as we can be at this moment. Powertex also got the highest American Safety label. This confirmation is the crown on our work.
The USA is very strict regarding the import of foreign products. Especially when the product is suitable for use in the educational sector. The American AP Safety label is worldwide known as the best. It will be taken over by other countries without testing procedures.

What is REACh?

REACh (Registration Evaluation Autorisation Chemicals) is the new European legislation on the distribution and use of chemicals. All chemical substances that are being distributed or imported in the European Union in quantities over 1 ton a year need to be registered. Only a few chemicals, that are already regulated in the existing European legislation on food and pharmaceuticals are exempted for registration. Chemicals that are not registered or pre-registered may no longer being distributed, imported or produced in the European Union from the 1st of January 2009.

You can read more here REACh