Easycoat Glossy 250 g

7.90 (6.53 excl. VAT)

Easy Coat is available in 2 versions: matt and glossy. Easy Coat glossy is a medium, an adhesive, coating, water based varnish, dries transparent and fast. The matte version is for indoor use, it is not waterproof. The Glossy is waterproof and perfect for outdoor use after complete drying. Specially designed for gluing napkins on all surfaces except on plastic: glass, wood, ceramics, cardboard, etc… Ideal for painting over Powerprint projects to give a great finish. Easy Coat is named the best of all napkins glue.



Instructions for use: You need a napkin, a wide flat brush, Easy Coat and a little water to clean the brush after use. Cover your work area with plastic. A napkin is composed of several layers. Carefully remove the upper printed layer. Cut out some parts if necessary. Coat the surface to be treated with Easy Coat, a thin layer will be sufficient. Put the napkin carefully on the layer of Easy Coat and spread it open firmly with both hands. Apply again 1 or 2 layers of Easy coat. Let it dry in between several layers.


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